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Dividends are paid each January and June. Depending on when the property was fully funded, sometimes the first dividend payment only covers a partial semester.


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The perfect blend of Nature and Luxury

Patagonia Mirror Resort is an elevated travel experience next to the Nahuel Huapi lake, just outside of Bariloche in Argentine Patagonia. Reflective panels blend each cabin into its natural landscape to create a unique, immersive experience found nowhere else in the world. With only 18 luxury cabins on a private mountain forest with direct lake views, you get complete privacy and immersion without compromising on comfort and ease.

Disappear into Nature

Your cabin never looks the same throughout the day. The reflective panels mirror the changing sky and surrounding forest to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. For years, we worked with architects to design these incredible, one-of-a-kind structures and create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Patagonia, a Bucket List Destination

Bariloche in Argentina Patagonia offers year-round adventures, from skiing in the Catedral mountain, to trekking through stunning landscapes and kayaking on the pristine Nahuel Huapi lake. It's a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts.

Reserving shares is simply an indication of interest. There is no binding commitment for investors that reserve shares in this manner to ultimately invest and purchase the shares reserved of the property.

Frequently asked questions

Before companies launch an official offering, they can “test the waters” and gauge interest from the investor community. For investors, this means that you can indicate your interest in an offering and how much you would like to invest before the company can actually accept your investment. You are reserving shares before the offering goes live.

foothold gives investors the opportunity to access vacation rentals as an asset class. Historically, vacation rentals have been an illiquid asset class - a vacation rental investor would have to sell their entire property to a prospective buyer. Generally, investors viewed this favorably as real estate returns are maximized when held as a long-term investment, and rental income is insulated from behavioral investing tendencies as seen in the public markets.

With that said, investors may occasionally seek liquidity for their foothold property interests prior to the property's expected holding period.

foothold plans to offer investors liquidity through a secondary market in the future. If a secondary market were to open, investors would have the chance to sell their shares, subject to liquidity and compliance with the transfer restrictions described in our Operating Agreement or Offering Circular. There is no liquidity at this time for foothold property interests.

Any payouts will be deposited directly to your foothold account. If the property generates sufficient funds to make cash distributions, you will receive your pro-rata distribution quarterly within 45 to 60 days of the start of a new quarter. You can view the expected first payout date for each foothold property on the property's Offering page.

On each payment date, an investor will receive their pro-rata share of booking income after deducting expenses, such as property management fees, asset management fees, property taxes, insurance costs, repair costs, any HOA fees, reserves for liabilities and contingencies (for example expected capital expenditures), and any other costs and expenses based on the investor’s percentage ownership.

There may be periods where a payout is not possible if the cash needed to fund costs plus cash reserves for liabilities and contingencies is greater than the rental income.

Investors select a foothold property and acquire fractional interests that represent an indirect ownership interest in that property. The investment is designed to deliver passive income without management responsibilities.

Once foothold accepts your investment and your funds are transferred, you will be entitled to receive quarterly payouts derived from booking income (rents minus fees, expenses, and additional reserve allocations) generated by the property, while House handles operational responsibilities.