Our units are designed to optimize Airbnb short-term rental income. We provide a seamless experience for you to install a uniquely designed mini-stay at a low cost.

Looking to begin right now? Let us tell you what you can build according to your city's regulations.

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The Details


We help you with compliance, shipping, and installation of the unit for the process to go smoothly.

Lower Costs

Modular units are manufactured in Argentina to lower the cost of construction per sq. ft.

Optimized Returns

Airbnb is no longer an easy business. We provide you with unique designs to optimize returns.

Municipal Feasibility

We help you navigate the land use code from your county to understand what can be built.

Market Feasibility

We help you estimate demand on Airbnb before you get started with construction and approvals.

Financing Available

If you decide to purchase a unit from us, you can pay 35% upfront and the rest in installments.

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Municipal Compliance Study (ONE TIME)

  • Municipal Code Compliance Report
  • Municipality-Accepted Measures Study
  • Simple Demand Estimation
  • Limited Offer Discount -$100


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Licensing & Project Management (12 MONTHS)

Receive house kits and Install with a local contractor
  • Access Floor Plans
  • Order House Kits directly from our Manufacturers
  • We Manage Permitting, Finding a Local Contractor, Shipping
  • Supervising Project Progress


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Turn-key (FINANCED)

Site-Built Project is Managed by Foothold
  • We Manage Permitting / Plans 2%
  • House Kit 52%
  • Shipping8%
  • Site Work / Foundation 21%
  • Assembly 17%
  • Project Management $1,936/month


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You might be wondering

Frequently asked questions

For property owners looking to generate additional income by installing tiny homes, or for developers looking to install multiple unique stays on a new project.

You can access our design blueprints and manufacturers by licensing one of our units. We'll provide the know-how to your local builder about how to assemble the units for you.

You need to make a down payment of 35% of the unit purchase price. We'll manage foundation building and unit installation costs. You will pay a monthly fee until the total cost of the unit is covered.

Monthly income varies with the market and location of your property. We will help you estimate demand before we get started on a licensing or construction project. Your property will increase in value accordingly. A way to calculate it is to take the average selling price per sq. ft. of your area and apply it to your new dwelling unit.

From 5 to 8 months. Municipal approval for your construction project takes from 3 to 6 months. Once approved, manufacturing your unit and installing it on your property takes 2 to 3 months.

Let's review your zoning

Find out what you can build according to city regulations.

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