We believe unique architecture has the capacity to stand out on Airbnb, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates and better returns for investors.

The advantages we have over other real estate developers

We simplify the purchase and investment process by providing the tools to start investing in short term rentals from scratch


Lower cost-of-entry

Buy short-term rentals in installments or invest in them like stocks.


Hassle-free experience

Explore global investments; entrust Foothold with expert property management.



Either buy property or invest in our property fund starting with 20,000

The Details

International markets

Foothold attempts to target properties that can be cash-flow positive, located in emerging high appreciation rental markets based on available market data and historical trends.

Fully Passive

Foothold acts as a premium, full service property management group, so you are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions, and Foothold attempts to maximize returns.

Fractional Investment

Shares are offered in select vacation rentals. Minimum investment is $200, which results in a lower barrier to entry & lower cost of diversification where you are in control.

Secured by Real Estate

With Foothold your investment in the Series is backed by the underlying assets in that Series, including potential net rental income, tax benefits, and appreciation if it occurs.


Foothold may acquire multiple units in a hospitality project as part of the same series. Rental income is pooled between the units acquired on that same hospitality project.

Phased Liquidity

Foothold acquires multiple units in the same hospitality development project. Each unit may be liquidated at different times, offering earlier liquidity to the series investors.

You might be wondering

Frequently asked questions

You purchase shares in a property offering to receive potential quarterly payouts derived from booking income as well as potential property value appreciation.

We offer a comprehensive platform designed for busy professionals, enabling them to invest in vacation rentals on a fractional bases. We lower the cost-of-entry and minimize the time commitment for real estate investing. Foothold is tailored to assist both first-time investors in understanding various opportunities and existing investors in swiftly entering new markets.

No, you do not need to be actively involved in any aspect of property management. This investment opportunity is designed to be fully managed, meaning you won't have to handle any asset or property management tasks. As an investor, your role is straightforward: choose your investment amount and earn your proportional share of booking income.

Yes, you can stay at the properties you invest in. Depending on your investment amount, you may receive exclusive early access booking at a significant discount. Discount details are outlined in the 'Perks' section of each offering.

When you purchase equity in a Foothold property offering, you are directly buying ownership in the Series of the our LLC that owns a specific property and are eligible to receive potential quarterly payouts derived from booking income as well as potential property value appreciation.

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