The Mirror Cabin


Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina

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  • The Mirror Cabin

The Mirror Cabin

Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina

Minimum investment $200

Price Per Share: $1

The Mirror Cabin


Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina

  • Image 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Image 338 Sq Ft

$179,162 Invested in this unit

Unit price: $188,592

Minimum Investment $200

Price Per Share $1

  • Minimum Investment $200
  • Share Price $1
  • Maximum Raise $3.233MM
  • Target Minimum $456,362
  • Raised-to-date $179,162 (6%)

Our investment process

We begin by identifying a market with robust short-term rental potential. In this instance, we have chosen Bariloche, a city located in the Argentine Patagonia region. Bariloche attracts an annual influx of 774,000 tourists, making it the most popular destination in Patagonia and the one of the top 5 most visited in all of Argentina (1).

After identifying the ideal market, we developed a concept specifically tailored to excel on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. We believe that our unique architectural design and unobstructed lake views make our short-term rental units highly attractive to renters.

We will acquire up to 21 condominium units from the developer, with distinct designs. Each unit is displayed separately. Units will be ready to rent on April 2025.

The Patagonia Mirror Hotel

Patagonia Mirror Resort is an elevated travel experience next to the Nahuel Huapi lake, just outside of Bariloche in Argentine Patagonia.

We chose Bariloche as our destination because it attracts visitors year-round. People come here for skiing in the winter, fly fishing in fall and spring, and trekking and water activities in the summer. Bariloche offers an active nightlife scene and renowned cuisine throughout the year.

We've partnered with a variety of architects to craft extraordinary, one-of-a-kind structures, ensuring a truly unparalleled luxury experience.

The Mirror Cabin

The Mirror Cabin accommodates up to 2 guests and includes 1 bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a living area and one bathroom with a bathtub. These modern modular units feature elevated structures and large windows designed to maximize panoramic views of the lake. Our Mirror cabin never looks the same throughout the day. The reflective panels mirror the changing sky and surrounding forest to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Offering details

We charge 8% sourcing fee (one-time) encompassing our efforts in property sourcing and preparing it for investment. This fee is already included in the Equity Raise from Investors and the share price.

We charge 5% of gross revenues before deducting expenses as asset management fee . This is a quarterly fee paid to Foothold out of the rental income. It helps cover the preparation of tax forms for investors, the distribution of dividends to all investors, procuring insurance policies and filing claims when applicable, ensuring property taxes and loan payments are paid, overseeing financial accounting for properties, and overseeing the third party property manager.

Perks for Investors


Investors in the offering will be eligible for discounts o stays at the property as set out below

With an investment from $1,800 to $3,599

50% Discount for three (3) night stay for 2 people

With an investment from $3,600 to $9,999

50% Discount for five (5) night stay for 2 people

With an investment of $10,000 or more

50% Discount for six (6) night stay for 2 people + 50% OFF o guided fly fishing trip for 2 people

Unit location

The Patagonia Mirror Hotel is situated directly in front of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Our units are conveniently located 12.6 miles from Downtown Bariloche and 10.6 miles from the Cerro Catedral Ski Center. We are adjacent to the Regatas Sailing Club, offering lake access and year-round watersport activities.

How is this market performing?

Data source: Airdna. Learn more about market grades here


Market Score Learn More about Airdna Scores and Grades here: here .

76 Rental Demand Learn More about Airdna Scores and Grades 12 here .

99 Revenue Growth Learn More about Airdna Scores and Grades 13 here .

6 Seasonality Learn More about Airdna Scores and Grades here .

46 Regulation Learn More about Airdna Scores and Grades here .

Annual Revenue $21.9K +13% Past Year

Occupancy Rate 62% +13% Past Year

Average Daily Rate$98

Annual Visitors$774K

Top 5 most visited in Argentina 2

Investment Strategy Returns Calculator

Investment Amount

Dividend Yield


Annual Appreciation

+ 15.03 %


2,664.76 US$

Hypothetical Value after Hold Period

Investment Cashflow Calculator

Property Purchase Price


Average Daily Rate


Occupancy Rate


Operating Costs

40% of revenue

$22,403.70 US

Annual Cashflow


Dividend Yield

About the Patagonia Mirror Hotel

The Perfect Blend Of Nature And Luxury

Mirror Hotel is an elevated travel experience with direct lake views, just outside of Bariloche City, in Argentine Patagonia.

5-Star Comfort And Amenities

We’ve taken everything guests love about glamping and
removed everything you don’t. Each unit is equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom and HVAC system, and five-star furnishings.

Patagonia: A Bucket-List Destination

Fly-fishing: during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Skiing Facilities Open: from June to September.

Trekking and Hiiking: All year round.

Patagonian Cuisine: All year round.

Patagonia: Nature's Playground for All Seasons

You can hike through the stunning Andes, hit the slopes for skiing from june to september, or kayak on its pristine lakes in the warmer months. It's a year-round outdoor adventure destination.

Flyfishing Adventures

Fly fishing in Bariloche is best enjoyed in the fall and spring, offering exceptional opportunities to catch trout amidst stunning Patagonian landscapes.

Skiing in Counter-Season

Skiing in Bariloche is at its peak from June to September, with powdery slopes and breathtaking Andean vistas at the world-renowned Cerro Catedral Ski Center.

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